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Our solid fuel upgrade costs £55 and allows you to have the beauty of a real wood fire surround but the heat and atmosphere generated by an Open Grate, Stove or High Efficiency (HE) Gas Fire

FAQ's below.

What is a Solid Fuel Fire?

A solid fuel fire is either an open fire burning coal or wood or a Stove, again burning coal or wood. These fire types generate a significant amount of heat, and this heat can warp or twist the fire surround. With veneered finished surrounds, (our Modern and Classic range) the veneer can start to peel away from the surround.

What is a High Efficiency (HE) Gas Fire

An HE fire is a gas fire that gives out over 4Kw of heat. These generally have glass fronts and will be labeled HE, Balanced Flue or Power Flue. Just to confuse things there are some gas fires that give out less than 4Kw but are still marked HE Fires, these are ok without upgrading, but if you are not sure, please call. 

My Gas Fire has an input higher than 4kW, is this an HE Fire?

No, we are only concerned with the output heat.

Does a Gas fire with coals need a Solid Fuel Upgrade?

No, if your gas fire does not have a glass front and does not give out more than 4Kw, you do not need to upgrade the surround.

What does a Solid Fuel Upgrade Include?

HE and open fires and stoves give out more heat than a standard gas fire, so we have to alter the way we build the surrounds.

Where required we alter the way that the surrounds are built to strengthen joints and stop twisting and warping. 

If the surround is veneered we will swap some areas to solid Oak, these will be the areas that we feel are susceptible to the increased heat and again varies from surround to surround.

We guarantee that if the surround has been fitted per HETAS guidelines with a certificate that the surround will be covered under our warranty. In the case of HE fires, installed by a Gas Safe Engineer with a fitting certificate.

Do you make the surround fireproof?

We are not making the fire surround fireproof; we are simply strengthening it and covering it under our warranty, you must follow guidelines and your Stove or Gas Fires manufacturers instructions.

Do we have to have the upgrade?

If you think that the heat given off from your fire is not going to damage the fire surround, or don't want to follow HETAS or Gas Safe guidelines that is your choice. However, this will invalidate your warranty, and we will not fix or replace any surround that has been adversely affected by the increased heat.

Can all your surrounds be upgraded?

Yes although to meet Gas Safe, Hetas or your Stove manufactures guidelines you may have to increase the opening of the surround and take advantage of our bespoke service.