Connecticut Small £326.00

Smaller Size
  • Small connecticut
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Brilliant White
  • Small connecticut close
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Brilliant White
  • Small connecticut bespoke procelain blue
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Bespoke Porcelain Blue
  • Small connecticut daybreak
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Bespoke Colour Daybreak
  • Small connecticut regal red
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Bespoke Colour Regal Red
  • Small connecticut cobweb
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Bespoke Colour Cobweb
  • Small connecticut cloud
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Smooth Cloud
  • Small connecticut slate
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Smooth Slate
  • Small connecticut matt black
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Matt Black
  • Small connecticut old england white
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Olde England White
  • Small connecticut mist
    Connecticut Fire Surround In Smooth Mist
  • Small connecticut smooth olive
    Connecticut Fire Surround in Smooth Olive
  • Small connecticut
  • Small connecticut close
  • Small connecticut bespoke procelain blue
  • Small connecticut daybreak
  • Small connecticut regal red
  • Small connecticut cobweb
  • Small connecticut cloud
  • Small connecticut slate
  • Small connecticut matt black
  • Small connecticut old england white
  • Small connecticut mist
  • Small connecticut smooth olive
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The Connecticut Wood Fire Surround

Shown with a Brilliant White veneered hearth and back set, the Connecticut small fire surround is designed to suit smaller spaces. The gentle 1-inch curving fascia with subtle steps add to this mantels appeal. The shelf is double-stepped to match the interior and the surround has the largest width of 48 inches wide with a good 8-inch depth so can comfortably house ornaments and picture frames on the shelf.

This fire surround can be, made to measure so that it perfectly fits your room, you can also have either Halogen or LED downlights installed for added ambience.

To select a veneered hearth and back panel, use the drop-down menu and add your colour preference at the checkout; alternatively Click Here to select your colour. To view our selection of Hearths and backs, Click Here.

We recommend that you take advantage of our colour sample service as colours on monitors often do not match the finished product. Click Here to have some samples sent to you.

This surround is only suitable for use with Electric Fires, the opening (C & D) is too small for use with a gas fire. If you require this surround to be used with a gas or solid fuel fire, please look at our standard sized Connecticut.

This surround is shown here in a variety of colours including some of our bespoke colour options

Modern Fire Surrounds With 2 Year Warranty

This range compromises of mantels that are both stylish and contemporary. We have selected surrounds that have sharp straight lines, subtle inlays, broad legs and gentle curves

We have included in this range some surrounds that take a modern twist on a traditional theme, creating a dynamic fusion that will even suit the more conventional setting.

Our new colour pallet for this range includes Olive, Mist and Slate; these shades maintain the contemporary feel that many interior designers and homeowners have been requesting.

Our Modern Collection is made up of Natural Grade-A Veneer stained or painted to a colour of your choice; for the surrounds with a smooth finish, Kronospan and Medite Premier boards are used.
Wood fire surround
Fire Surround Dimensions
A 47''
B 41''
C 28''
D 29''
E 43.5'
F 9.5''
LD 8''
Show dimensions in: 

Hearth Dimensions
L 48''
M 2''
N 15''

Rebate: 1 inch removable to 3 inches; click here to find out about rebates.

Measurement 'D': This is always from the bottom of the leg to the corner of the opening.

Back panel
Hearth & Back Dimensions
A 37" or 40"
B 37" or 40"
C 16.5"
D 22.5"
E 48", 54" or 60"
F 2"
G 15" or 18"
Hearth Footprint

We would always suggest that you take delivery of your hearth before cutting your carpet. The sizes given are for the top of your hearth, the footprint is usually around 0.5" on both sides and front.

Bespoke Sizes

We can alter the size of your hearth, in both width and depth. Please call us for a quotation.

Standard Sizes

The standard sizes for hearths are:

Wide 48", 54" or 60"
Deep 15" or 18"

The back panel standard sizes are:

37" x 37"
40" x 40"

If your require a hearth that is not an option on your chosen fire surround, please order from our Hearth & Backs section.