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    Halogen Downlights Fitted into the Fire Surround

Fitted Halogen Downlights


We can add down lighters to any fire surround as an optional upgrade. They make a surround look warm and cosy even when the fire is turned off! 

We have two types of downlights, Halogen and LED so; please order carefully, also make sure you order these when buying your fire as they are a manufacturer fit only.

The Halogen kit includes 2 x 50mm lights

The advantage of Halogen bulbs (over the LED) is that they are a warmer and brighter light.

When having Halogen downlights on a standard surround, we have to fix the rebate at 1''. On a bespoke surround, we can increase the leg depth to accommodate the lights and a larger rebate.

All the lights have a 3-meter length of wire that runs down the inside leg of the surround with a moulded plug on the end.