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    Root Candles - Holistic, Seeking Balance, Juniper Rosewood Illuminate Candle

Juniper Rosewood Candle


Natural Beeswax, Holistic Candle

A Root Candle is consistently flawless, clean burning, long lasting, elegantly designed and luxurious. These candles are not to be confused with other makes, if you appreciate candles then once you have tried a Root Candle you will accept no other.

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Product Description

Root candles are made with all natural beeswax blend to match the well-being trends of today. The fragrances contain essential oils for a long lasting aromatic bouquet that is always true to nature. 

Root Candles' Seeking Balance line combines the science of aromatherapy and color therapy, allowing the stresses of your day to fade away. Available in ten fragrances, each 6.5 oz. candle is made entirely with natural waxes, fragrances containing essential oil, with a sustainable, crackling wooden wick. Each candle comes in its own attractive cardboard box making this candle ideal for gifts.

Illuminate Fragrance Description: Juniper Rosewood. Free your mind of clutter and confusion by mixing the simplicity of white with the clarifying power of juniper and rosewood essential oils for cleanliness and clarity.

Colour: White

Fragrance Type: Aromatherapy

Size: 100mm x 70mm (unboxed)

Burn time: Up to 65 hours